The Dohani War

by Martin Kerharo

About the author: Martin Kerharo’s bio page at Bewildering Stories is accessible here.

Jane, a prisoner of war, and Dexter, to whom she is strangely attached, are taken to a research center, where Jane learns a human language — and much more. She learns from Sun-Tzu’s Art of War what her captors forget: “Never underestimate your adversary.” Another rule knows no boundaries: It is a prisoner’s duty to try to escape if at all possible. And far from the front lines, deep in human space, security becomes complacent...

Jane shows how formidable the Dohani can be. In a desperate, well-planned escape she kidnaps Dexter, borrows a spaceship and heads for home. Now the end game begins: humans and Dohani have to learn just how complex and alien each race really is. Jane and Dexter have a grander role: they will have to show that Dohani and humans need each other.

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The French original, Dohani : Guerre, is available at

It is published under the pen name “Marty Kero.”

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