Bewildering Stories

Christopher Fulbright


I am a former journalist turned technical writer with more than 50 stories published in such magazines as Haunts, Dark Tome, Thirteen Stories, Nova SF, Outer Darkness, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, Peep Show, numerous webzines, the anthologies Blasphemy, Deathgrip: Legacy of Terror, The Blackest Death, vol. 1, Atrocitas Aqua, and more.

I am the author of the limited edition sci-fi novella Sometimes Women are So Cold, available from SST Publications in the U.K., and the upcoming novel Of Wolf and Man. I live in Grand Prairie, Texas with my wife and two daughters, who remind me of what’s really important. I enjoy playing guitar, watching Asian cinema, and discussing philosophy with the family cat.

Copyright © 2003 by Christopher Fulbright