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Susan Kingsolver lives in Hull, Georgia with her Mom and husband Glenn Kingsolver, retired rock and roll musician. Sharing their home are many cats, dogs, goats, ducks, fish and a potbelly pig named Bill.

She has two novels in the works, her first movie script, several short stories, and a series. She hopes to finish a novella this year.

She’s a member of Horror Writer’s Association.

You can sample more of her work from her website; Man’s Creation, a series with Banshee Press; and also “The Grave,” one of her first horror short stories from her website.

Pictures of DragonCon2000, Horrorfest II 2002 and a picture of the Atlanta Chapter of HWA along with pictures of family and friends can be seen at

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The Horsey Tree
Price Gougers and Other Ash Holes

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