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I am a graduate of Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology with a diploma in Media Arts Writing. Following my graduation in 1986, I worked as a production assistant at Mississauga’s Cable 10 television station on a show called “City Magazine.” I have since ceased working outside the home to raise a family, but I have never abandoned my first love of writing.

My forte has been in children’s literature, poetry and magazine articles; but I have since branched out into mainstream and genre adult fiction. Last fall I won Honourable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 72nd Annual Writing Contest for my personal memoir “The Original Latchkey Kid.” My work will also appear in an upcoming issue of Cottage Life magazine. I have written two novels, Cushions of Human Hair and Shadow of a Cloud (both, as of this writing, still unpublished, but I’m working on it), and I’m currently writing my third novel, Acres of Forgotten Blueberries as well as various magazine articles, poems and short stories as the muse strikes me.

I live in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada with my husband, three children, my dog and cat. It’s a pretty full house, but with lots of love in it. Someday I want to be a great writer.

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