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Ayesha Pervez

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Ayesha Pervez has been writing and illustrating story books and children’s study books since the age of 12, but she did it as a hobby and did not think of getting them published.

A lot has changed since then and now, as a 20-something, some of the goals this writer hopes to achieve include publishing several children’s books, becoming the editor of a social/youth magazine and having at least one breathtaking novel under her belt.

She was the editor in a children’s magazine at the age of 18. She has also been in the peer panel of a youth magazine, giving solutions to troubled teens.

A regular contributor to school and college magazines, it bothered her that her class at university did not have a magazine of its own, so she became the founder and editor of the years’ very own magazine which she and her friends decided to title Budz.

She attended Fiction Writing and journalism classes at Harvard University and obtained first position in her honours final exams in English Literature at The University of Karachi.

Currently she is a free lance writer and student (Creative Writing) living in Toronto.

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