Bewildering Stories

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Shawn P. Madison


My previous work has appeared in Alien Worlds, Atrocitas Aqua Horror Anthology (Double Dragon Publishing), Bewildering Stories, Dark Moon Rising, Demensions, Deviant Minds, High Fantasy, Horrorfind, House of Pain, Inscriptions, Kota Press Loss Journal, Lost Worlds, Morbid Musings, Satoko Magazine, Savage Night, Scary!, Holiday Tales to Make You Scream Horror Anthology (Double Dragon Publishing), SDO Detective, SDO Fantasy, SFF. World, Shadowkeep, Shadowcat Archives, The Eternal Night, The Haunted, The Lamp Post, The Lawbreakers E-Book Anthology (What If Publishing), The Murder Hole, The Outer Rim, The Outer Rim: the Zine, The Swamp, The Ultimate Hallucination, The Writer’s Hood, and Whistling Shade. My first novel, Guarder Lore, was released by NovelBooks, Inc. in March of 2002; my second novel, The Guarder Factor, is scheduled for release by NovelBooks, Inc. in November 2003; my short story collection, The Road Darkness, was released as an e-book by Double Dragon Publishing in March 2003, and I have short stories scheduled to appear in various anthologies to be released in 2003 and 2004.

Copyright © 2003 by Shawn P. Madison

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