Bewildering Stories

Fall of the House of Escher

Thomas R.

Loving the house & the loving the man who designed its strange symmetries
Its strange water flowing up
The stairs that go everywhere & nowhere at all
Columns at impossible angles
His charming pet lizards

Reality begins to sink after the third year of life there
Confusion, where to go?
Bathing difficult
Frustration with the design mounting
Still there are the lovely views

Ten years of life and the novelty & charm fly like geese both ways away
Depression, & anger
She raises the kids and makes the money virtually alone
While he sits eating junk food waiting for "architectural inspiration"
Alcohol begins to look good to her

Burning & churning & stoking the fire merrily she sings away

Burn the columns, the stairs, the lizards

All must die now the kids are grown

Drinking & sinking & rising again

While angels & demons dance over her head

She delights in this payback

If only he had died earlier!

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Copyright 2002 by Thomas R. and Bewildering Stories.