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Jaugustuly 2002

And once again (actually, for the first time), here's what our readers have to say about Bewildering Stories and its bewildering content!

What? What the heck is this? Tell me you're not serious! No. No! Not another webzine! Please! This is just too much! And don't tell me you're going to publish poetry! Please! No! I hate poetry! I hate articles too! I hate reviews! I don't want to read reviews! Please! No more! No more!

—Itza Kaput

We're sorry that electronic publishing does not satisfy your wishes. We apologize for this inconvenience. However, other readers have different opinions, and they may enjoy webzines. We regret that you do not enjoy poetry, articles, and reviews, but we will continue to publish them for the readers who wish to read them. We do not require you to read all of our material, and you have the right not to read our webzine. You may seek your enjoyment elsewhere, but we shall keep our webzine for readers who enjoy it.

Well, I always like to read fiction online. I don't really care about the rest, but it's fiction that attracts me. I enjoy fiction, you see. Online fiction is so much easier to access than fiction on paper, not to mention being free in many cases. That's why I like it. It's easy to access. You know. Keep up the good work, and I'm expecting a lot of good stuff from you in the near future.

—Cyber Technobabbledunk

Thank you for your complimentary remarks. We hope to continue publishing high-quality material.

Huh? What's this? Bewildering Stories? A webzine? What's a webzine anyway? Must have clicked on the wrong link.

—Nrroot Pitoot

It seems that you have been directed to our webzine by mistake. A webzine is a magazine published on the Web. We hope you stay and enjoy our material.

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—The Editorial Triumvirate

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