Bewildering Stories


And Now, a Word from Our Publisher

The Bottle Washer

First, I'd like to thank SF's official vegetable for taking what was a slender reed and fertilizing it with its own distorted (talented, but obviously distorted) mental "Weed and Feed." I'm pleased to be a part of this bewildered thing, and, too, have to thank Don W. I'm not sure if he'll have to change his name now, but it certainly is a possibility. [Pointing finger] He made me do it. It was his fault. I demand a lawyer. Oh. Never mind.

With this, our first issue in the new format, I'd like to welcome our stable of writers, many of whom have no idea the pain, frustration, and ridicule they've let themselves in for. Ah, well . . . that which does not kill us may occasionally buy us lunch.

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