Bewildering Stories

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The Giant Earthworm

Aerin Drek

Four weeks ago, Jose and I dug up an earthworm in my backyard. We brought it inside and chopped it in half. I kept a half, and Jose kept a half.

Soon, our halves became two whole earthworms. My earthworm drowned. Jose's mother said he couldn't keep the worm, so she threw it out the window.

The next day, Jose peeked out his window, and saw a wormstalk growing. It was so high that he couldn't see the top of it.

Jose hopped out the window in his pajamas, and climbed up.

Half an hour later, he climbed down holding a sack with a goose that laid golden worms, a golden worm-harp, and some golden worms.

He looked up just in time to see a giant worm climb down after him. Jose scrambled down to the ground and found an ax. He chopped the wormstalk down, and the giant worm fell on top of him.

"Fee, fi, fo, fez; I smell the blood of Jose Sanchez!" belched the giant worm. It stood up and saw a pile of blood and bones beneath its behind. "Fee, fi, fo, fum; so that's where the blood I smelled came from!"

The giant worm paraded down McTropolis Road. "Yahoo! Hoogaboogabooga! Abooga! Weehe! Blblblblblb!" it mumbled. All the windows on the block broke.

It came to my house and rang the doorbell. I asked, "Who is it? Hold on, I'm coming!" I looked through the peephole, and my mouth dropped. The giant worm blew the door on top of me.

"I'll huff, and puff, and BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!!" screamed the giant earthworm. My house collapsed with ease.

The giant earthworm marched to Juan's house, as it knocked down trees and stamped on cars.

Just as the giant worm reached to ring the doorbell, Juan pushed the door open, and flung the worm onto his lawn.

He whistled as he walked to my house. He found me under my door. "What happened to your house?" he asked me.

"!...wheeeee!!!!" I mumbled.

The giant worm stepped on Juan and me.

"Fee, fi, fo, fend. I guess this is THE END," said the worm.

Copyright 2002 by Aerin Drek.