Bewildering Stories

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Horrors Indescribable!

Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.

What foul atrocities do await us on this day!

What horrors indescribable I cannot truly say!

Such ironies and isomers do fill our earthly space!

Such strangenesses and mud puppies do line our homely face!

What am I speaking of, this nonsense run amok?

What is this crud I speak, to scare away the duck?

What is this nonsense, I say, this madness, this crud?

Such agonies do fill our space and time with otherworldly mud!

Today I find myself recreated all anew.

Tomorrow I may find myself lost forever in the goo.

What crud! What nonsense! Hell and blasphemies divine!

No more shall ever I inscribe this muck to pass away the line!

The agony! The horror! Undescribably it is so!

What nonsense! The light like amber trapped in bugs is snow!

I know I am not making sense, but that is meant to be.

Such tyrannies and cedar trees surround us with a fee!

But where am I today? I do not truly know.

I have transgressed beyond the time of earthly glow.

What nonsense and blasphemies, infernal and sublime!

They shake the world like alchemy and bloat away the time!

In silence and at midday, the stars do fall on Earth.

They fall, and then we wonder, and we ponder our own worth.

The madness and destruction! The blasphemies awry!

Such horrors indescribable are filling up the sky!

The horror! The horror! It strikes like melted cheese!

It strikes and then it strikes and strikes again with ease!

Such nonsense indescribable I cannot relate to you!

The weirdness, so infernal, from the primordial stew!

But no, I tell myself, I must not go away!

I must not let myself control myself on this momentous day!

What blasphemies divine do strike me like a rock!

And agonies do pummel me! I feel unholy shock!

The nonsense! How mad! Indescribable it is!

What kind of pineapple upside-down cake can bubble and fizz?

What nonsense do I speak right now, that quakes in the air!

What is this strange and alien substance entangled in my hair!

No! Impossible! Agack, the light, and more!

Hell, atrocities, and blasphemies galore!

And even now the rainbows fall upon the storm!

The agonies of equity do strike me in the dorm!

But no! Not now! Time to go, so says my friend.

Time to stop writing and find yourself an end.

Time to get away and experience your life.

Time to get away from all this mad and insane strife.

The utter absurdity of writing recursive lines!

Confused and dumbstruck with a vengeance, we all are frozen pines!

Overbloated trout, the outrage of this age!

And so I find myself writing my last words on this page.

Copyright 2002 by Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.