Bewildering Stories

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Pinkie Lobster Gets Lost in Time

Ophelia H.K. Singer

Murt Lobster was a pink lobster. He lived at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone called him Pinkie because he looked so pink.

One day, while he was playing baseball for his high school baseball team, the Oceanopolis Crustaceans, he made a bunch of home runs.

Then it was the end of the game. Pinkie was the first person to go home.

At home, he fed his dogfish, Applehead, some small bony fish.

Suddenly, he heard a strange beeping noise in his yard! He rushed out to see what it was.

A UFO had landed in his yard! An alien walked out and advertised, "Our latest creation from the planet Flenus - the time machine! Costs three blags."

"What are blags?" questioned Pinkie.

"Blags are a kind of money people use in Flenus. What planet is this?" asked the alien.

"Earth," answered Pinkie.

"" murmured the alien. He looked in a book. "There are pesos, francs, dollars, pounds,...which one is used here?"

"H2O dollars, but people here call them dollars," replied Pinkie.

"H2O're not in my book...oh, there they are. H2O dollars are a kind of money used in the Atlantic O-".

"Oh, just tell me about your time machine," Pinkie interrupted.

"What I'm trying to tell you is that three blags is the same as 26 H2O dollars."

"I'll buy it! Very cheap!"

Pinkie rushed into his rock house that was addressed "22223".

"Here! Twenty-six aquadollars!" he exclaimed.

"This time machine uses two XZ batteries...I mean C batteries."

Then, the alien took off in his UFO.

Pinkie was happy with his time machine.

The next day, he and Applehead hopped into it. Pinkie read the instruction manual, and they decided to go to Aquaollo 11 at the time of July 16, 1969.

He turned the machine on. There was a computer at the front of it. On the screen there was the word "WHERE?" He typed in "AQUAOLLO 11." Then, there was a beeping sound. The words "WHEN-DATE-YEAR?" were on the screen. Pinkie typed in "1969." On the screen "WHEN-DATE-MONTH?" He typed "JULY". Next, "WHEN-TIME-AM OR PM?" Pinkie's fingers were getting tired, but he managed to type "PM". Of course, the screen showed "WHEN-TIME-HOUR?" Pinkie sighed, "Applehead, I think this is a stupid machine," but not. Pinkie answered the next questions, and the machine started spinning like a tornado!

"Aaaaah!" he and Applehead yelled, frightened. "We're going to crash!"

CRAAASSSHH! but it was not crashing somewhere, it was crashing in time.

"I didn't remember bringing a model lobster, a model dogfish, and a strange-looking computer machine onto this spacecraft," muttered a voice. It was Neil Armshrimp talking to the other astronauts, Buzz Dolphin and Michael Clownfish.

Suddenly, Applehead barked and bit Michael Clownfish. The startled astronaut screamed.

"I'm a Bozo-naut. Ha-ha," he laughed.

Pinkie jumped into Neil Armshrimp's lap.

"Okay, Mr. Armshrimp. I'm going to eat you because you are my favorite food," he explained hungrily.

"Oh, please don't eat me. I'm being sent on a mission to go to the Marinemoon. And who are you?" Neil asked, frightened.

"I am the famous Murt Lobster. You must have heard of me as Pinkie Lobster," announced Pinkie.

"Oh, you!"


"But how did you get here?"

Pinkie told him about the alien.

"An alien from F-f-f-f...what was the name of that planet?" Neil asked.


"Flea-nus? Is it full of fleas? I hate fleas."

"No, it's spelled F-l-e-n-u-s."

"I'm getting sleepy."

"Me too."

They started to sleep.

The next day, everybody ate breakfast. Neil told him about being an astronaut, and that he could be one.

"Yay!" he shrieked happily.

Three days passed. It was July 20, 1969. Michael Clownfish got into a part of the spacecraft and separated.

"Where's Mr. Clownfish going?" asked Pinkie.

"He's going to orbit the Marinemoon," answered Neil. "We're going to land on it!"

Five minutes later, they landed on the Marinemoon.

"Houst-ocean, the Seagull has landed."

Neil walked out first. He placed his left foot on the surface.

19 minutes later, Buzz Dolphin stepped on the Marinemoon.

"Hey, wait for me!" Pinkie yelled.

Then, he remembered that his spacesuit wasn't on. Neil had told him where the spacesuits were. He put on one and put one on Applehead. They leaped out of the spacecraft.

He spun around in the air. Only it wasn't air, it was water. It certainly wasn't normal. He lost track of the other astronauts.

"Help!" he yelled. "Help! Help! Help!"

Suddenly, he heard a noise above. He looked up. The part of the spacecraft that separated was falling.

He ducked. A dizzy Michael Clownfish walked out. He had that clown face again.

"I'm a dizzy Bozo-naut," he murmured.

"Mr. Clownfish, I'm lost," Pinkie told him.

"You're no longer lost...huh? I on the Marinemoon?"



"Now let's find the others."

Meanwhile, Neil Armshrimp got separated from Buzz Dolphin. Each wandered around until they both ran into Aquaollo 11 at both sides.

"I'm at my spacecraft!" each shouted happily, but they each didn't realize the other was there.

They walked in the side doors, which there were two, on the side they each ran into.

Suddenly, each was amazed of seeing the other inside the spacecraft.

"We're no longer lost!" they exclaimed happily.

Meanwhile, Applehead smelled a whiff of food. He ran to where he sniffed it. The smell came from Buzz and Neil's barbecue. Applehead ran all the way to it. He barked and Buzz Dolphin.

"Owwww!" yelled Buzz. He quickly put a bandage on the cut.

"Why are you biting me?...huh? this Pinkie's dogfish?" he asked.

"Why, yes," Neil answered. "Little Applehead, where's Pinkie?"

Applehead ran out the door. He floated, of course. Buzz and Neil raced out.

After 30 minutes of floating and running, Applehead lost track of Pinkie and Michael.

At the same time, Michael and Pinkie found Aquaollo 11.

"They prepared a barbecue for us!" Pinkie shouted.

"That means Buzz and Neil came back," reasoned Michael.

Suddenly, Applehead smelled the barbecue and ran back.

Just as Applehead jumped in, Pinkie put him in the time machine. Then, he jumped in, too.

He pressed the "RETURN TO PREVIOUS TIME AND PLACE" button. They "returned" forward to year 2999!

Meanwhile, back at Pinkie's house, Pinkie's best friend, Jiffus Fishrimp was ringing the doorbell.

"I guess he's not here," he told Plegger Crustache, a mean bully who never picked on Pinkie.

Meanwhile, BAM! The time machine crashed and skidded on the ground. It certainly was dirt, not water. Since he was still wearing his spacesuit, which was full of seawater, he could breathe.

He looked up. A sign said, "WELCOME TO ARMADILLOLAND." A big armadillo walked out.

"What am I seeing? A little pink fairy armadillo?" the armadillo guessed.

"No, I am the famous baseball player. Murt Lobster. You may have heard of me as Pinkie Lobster," he replied.


"Now I'm leaving."

He pressed the "RETURN TO PREVIOUS TIME AND PLACE" button. He yawned.

He woke up to see Neil Armshrimp, Buzz Dolphin, and Michael Clownfish eating breakfast! He realized which button he had pressed. He also realized that Applehead was missing. While the machine traveled back, they passed Pinkie's house. Applehead had leaped off the machine.

Unfortunately, he had fallen in Jiffus's chimney.

"Huh? Applehead? In a spacesuit?" had asked a surprised Jiffus. Jiffus had undressed Applehead, and had put him in Pinkie's house.

Pinkie pressed some buttons to return to his home at the right time.

Pinkie's time machine landed in his front yard. There was a UFO in the air also about to land. An alien walked out and advertised, "Our latest creation from the planet Flenus - costs three blags."

There was another Pinkie Lobster standing in the same yard!

"Aaaah!" he screamed. "I went to the wrong time!"

Pinkie pressed some more buttons on the computer keyboard.

The time machine landed in Pinkie's chimney. Applehead barked at Pinkie and licked him in the face.

They got on the time machine and went to the future.

They splashed into Mars' melted polar ice cap. Another lobster walked up.

"Hi! I'm Zurtes Spacelobster," said the lobster. "What's your name?"

"I'm Pinkie Lobster," Pinkie answered.

"Oh, huh? You're the first lobster to use a time machine...and you're using it right now! the past!"

"I want to explore some more!"

He started the time machine, but it didn't work.

"My time machine broke down!" he cried.

Zurtes Spacelobster looked down.

"Your machine broke down?! Then how can you get home?!" he asked.

Suddenly, a familiar UFO landed. The same alien walked out and advertised, "Our latest creation from the planet Fle-."

"Mr. Alien! My time machine broke down!"

"Oh, you can visit Flenus and buy a new one."


They jumped on the UFO. Pinkie took the time machine, while the alien took Applehead.

"We can fix your machine," the alien suggested.

"I want it fixed!" Pinkie shouted excitedly.


Suddenly, Applehead barked and bit the alien.

"Owwww!" yelled the alien. "OK, I forgive you, but next time, I'm going to bite you back."

An hour later they landed on Flenus. The alien shouted, "Welcome to Flenus!"

Pinkie looked around. Flenus looked great.

Pinkie wandered around. There were no air pollution.

"Your machine is fixed!" called the alien.

Pinkie rushed over. Then, with Applehead, he disappeared.

Copyright 2002 by Ophelia H.K. Singer.