Bewildering Stories

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The Spaceship

Elana Musvic

Two days ago, I saw a spaceship land in the park across from the apartment owned by my family. My friend and I went there because we were curious. A lot of people were flabbergasted and were running here and there. People were causing a lot of traffic for the cars by running through the streets without looking both ways.

My friend and I were stopped by a weird-looking green man with a height of about three feet. Another man with green skin picked up an object that looked very much like a remote control. A streak of lightning zapped me but missed by friend. He hid behind a car and it turned into a gigantic heap of skeletons. The moment I got zapped, I turned into a flying squirrel. Then the men with green skin dawdled back to their colorful, disc-like spaceship. It took off like a frisbee being tossed.

I was left behind.

"Are you still there?" asked my friend. I couldn't answer! I couldn't even talk! There was no way I could communicate with him.

He stared at me; only he didn't know that the flying squirrel he was looking at was really human, so he went into his apartment thinking I was already home.

I climbed up the old oak tree in the center of the park. I ate a few acorns from a twig, and stared at my apartment. My father was sleeping, and my mother was at work. My father usually sleeps six hours in the day.

Four hours passed. My friend walked out of his apartment and rang the doorbell on mine. I flew from the oak tree to the roof. I peered down, and flew in the open door opened by my half-sleepy father. Nobody saw me. I flew into my bedroom as a spaceship flew up to my window. A green man zapped me, and I turned back into Homo sapiens sapiens. I felt much better.

Copyright 2002 by Elana Musvic.