Bewildering Stories

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Jo Bloggs

I am from the mouth of the river where it flows into the sea
And following its path upriver to higher elevations
And starting great journeys to unexplored places
And leaving the familiar past behind.

I am from the culture of my Gorzflox ancestors
And escaping the plague after the Gorzflox-Epi War
And traveling to new and foreign places
And stories about a place I have never seen myself.

I am from Gorzflox beliefs and teachings to love
And respect others and to hate no one
And to believe in oneself and to never give up
And to be honest and trustworthy to others and oneself.

I am from long periods of time spent pondering
And cogitating about the state of the universe
And expanding my knowledge and skills
And venturing far into the jungles of erudition.

I am from fighting the powerful current of the river
And withstanding its perpetually flowing waters
And struggling to overcome monstrous obstacles
And insignificant impediments of all sizes and shapes.

I am from flipping many pages in a worn-out book
And entering strange and alien landscapes
And meeting interesting and intriguing characters
And forgetting that this is only a fictional setting.

I am from steadily crossing vast plains that stretch
And extend from one horizon to the other
And feeling peace and meeting few disruptions
And resting before plunging into difficult rapids.

I am from watching salmon swim up a waterfall
And have determination to do what seems impossible
And struggle to maintain control in turbulent waters
And finally be caught and eaten by a bear.

I am from arriving at new places and departing them
And receiving new things and losing them
And meeting new people and leaving them
And continuing on a long journey upriver.

I am from towns in the mountains at high altitudes
And snow-filled winters like a picture being erased
And sharing gifts with relatives during the holidays
And giving love and receiving more in return.

I am from faraway lands with unknown names
And experiences that are far behind me,
And I have finally reached my Olympian crest,
And my long journey is now complete.

Copyright 2002 by Jo Bloggs.