Bewildering Stories

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Yucky Stuff

Aerin Drek

Nick Howard looked at the rock. The big rock. Not a rock, a boulder, and it had a giant hole.

Nick climbed in the cave. Something fell down.

"What's this?" he asked himself. It's gopher guts!"

Nick ran out of the cave and bumped into a spooky spider.

"Someone's putting yucky stuff around here!"

He stepped on gorilla snot without knowing it.

When he got home, his Barbie doll was covered with greenish germs.

He ran out to his treehouse. There was a pile of lizard eyes.

He hopped over the fence into his neighbor's backyard. There was liver jelly everywhere.

One month later, Nick and his family went to Europe for vacation.

He got a prehistoric pickle for lunch.

He jumped out the airplane window, and landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

"Hi! I'm Blubby Fish! This is Oceanland!" said a voice. Nick turned around. There was a fish next to a freeze-dried mouse.

"I found this!" said Blubby Fish. He pointed to the mouse.

Suddenly, a pair of dirty birdy feet picked up some yellow worms eating belly button lint.

"Aaaah!" he screamed.

Nick looked at the cave. The cave? He was supposed to be in the ocean.

Oh! he thought. This is just a hallucination.

Then, some booger custard fell down.

"Uh, oh!" he said to himself.

Copyright 2002 by Aerin Drek.