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Duodecapylatomate 2002

Wow, a spate of letters this time...

First a comment on Issue 11:

Salud, kudos, whatever the appropriate words are, to Don Webb for a very good development of a premise.

John Thiel

John is of course referring to Don's masterful implementations of several ideas that John posted on Analog's website

And from the prolific Eric S. Brown:
Hi gang,
Please check out my new book DARK KARMA at and put a link to it with this tale if you accept it. This isn't my usual kind of tale and it was first published on the Murder Hole.
Eric S. Brown

Okay, except we put the link here. And thanks again...

From one of our own...

Dear Don, Jerry, myself (!), and the imaginary staff members...

It was a pleasure seeing issue 11 up, although I think it's a bit too short of an issue, alas. (Submit more, folks!)

Jerry, in your editorial, you raise the question of whether BWS is turning out to be *too* good. I think it is, and that may be a good thing. As long as we still accept junk, we'll stay true to the original concept, but if we go above and beyond, good for us!

In my editorial for the first issue, I stated that thanks to the writers who submit stuff to BWS, we would never be nominated for any award whatsoever. Now I'm beginning to think otherwise. Maybe one or more of our stories might even make it onto Gardner Dozois's Year's Best anthology honorable mention list--or get included in the anthology itself!

The future's looking up, and there's no ceiling to stop it.

--The Invincible Spud

Well, lack of submissions was NOT our problem this time. New writers and old...

And speaking of new writers...

(to the editorial staff after we had the nerve to accept her story...)

Thank you. Bewildering Stories is such a FUN 'zine. I really think you guys have something here. The spoof-fiction idea is unique and the design of the zine is cool. In fact, this is The Coolest digital zine out there, in my warped opinion. I'm pretty stoked about appearing in the next issue, can you tell? Thanks for putting the fun back into writing fiction. Again, you have a hit on your hands.

Btw, would you place my website url with the story when you post it? Thanks.

Read the terms and conditions, didn't hurt at all...

Best To You,


Susanne, thank YOU for enjoying what we have created, and thanks for becoming part of our little dysfunctional family. As to the URL, why shore...

—The Editorial Triumvirate

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