Bewildering Stories

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Eckerd Nemo

If you look carefully, over there by the lone oak tree, you can see something shimmering, not quite there, a ghost of sorts. It walks back and forth in that area, sometimes taking a human shape, sometimes not distinguishable as any shape at all.

That's Blueberry, who has been caught in the flux.


The child stood still on the grass, staring at the thing next to the oak tree in shock. It gave off a kind of blue light, but it also looked like it wasn't really there, and a flood of overwhelming feelings swept through the child uncontrollably.

"Who ... who are you?"

The thing stopped moving and seemed to look in the child's direction, but it didn't answer. It simply stood there, and then it passed out of existence, its color fading to transparency, before returning only a moment later, forming out of nothing.

The child took a step back. "What ... what are you?"

The thing faded out of existence again, but this time it didn't come back. The child stood there for a moment, gazing at the empty space beside the oak tree, and then ran off, screaming for help.


Blueberry is caught in the flux, caught in that strange property of the space-time continuum that makes you fluctuate in and out of existence, transcending the levels of reality as if they never existed at all. That's what I mean by the flux. It's indescribable, really, but once you've become familiar with it, you know what it is. I know. I've been there.


Blueberry knows that as time passes, an entity caught in the flux will slowly die, fading out of existence as the forces of space-time slowly drain its substance from it, collapsing its multiple quantum states into one of nonexistence, reducing the probability of existence and increasing the probability of nonexistence until there is nothing left.

Blueberry thinks that there must be some way to avoid the forces of space-time, to prevent the quantum collapse, to survive instead of slowly dwindling and passing completely out of existence, transcending reality and entering the state of nonexistence.

Blueberry believes that it is possible for each entity caught in the flux to fight back, if only it believes in the possibility of recovering from the effects of the flux, resurfacing from nonexistence and returning to reality, escaping the pull of the fluctuating quantum probabilities, freeing itself from the grasps of the flux.


Sometimes, as I look out at that oak tree, I can see Blueberry there, mostly gone from reality but slowly recovering. I know that there is hope for those who are caught in the flux. I know that it is possible to return from the lack of existence, to come back to reality. It is possible to fight the flux. I have. So can you.

Soon, Blueberry will succeed and defeat the flux. Soon. We are waiting.

Copyright 2002 by Eckerd Nemo.