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Issue 16

After a dry spell...

To the Staff:

Had to go to submissions to comment on 15; no letters, no letter section, no posting from letter section.

I suppose it's too much to ask for Lerk to illustrate stories, and it's been asked before, but it still seems to me something to contemplate for future issues.

A short issue, but the short stories make up for it. Nemo's Blueberry tale was the top one in the issue; it's worthy to stand with one of Kali Ferngrove's pieces. Held my interest all the way through. Smith's a bit like Ellison, got that same pace-setting and convention-smashing quality. And Thomas R. was interesting. By the way, he's seeing things from a Seattle viewpoint; is he a Se-attleite? If so, he must be living in the shadows cast by the Nameless Ones of Ancient Seattle. His story is a purler.

Webb's bio was interesting and as it was set in Bewildering was not bewildering at all.

The reviews should say "I like it, I like it!" instead. Then, knowing the reference is to sf, the reader can put in a book of his choice and have it appropriately acclaimed.

John Thiel

Thanks, John, we try. As for the Review... Actually, I didn't write it. SOmetimes, as someone once said, "That's too busy to be."

And from another request to reprint some pro stuff...

Dear Editorial Triumvirate:

Please excuse me for not responding to your email sooner. I've been on the road this month.

Unfortunately, I have to turn down your offer for my work to appear in Bewildering Stories. First and most importantly, because the Web rights are already committed. And second, because only in extraordinary circumstances do I allow my work to be reprinted without payment. It makes me feel like a bully whenever I'm forced to say this. But it's done out of solidarity with newer, younger writers, rather than out of greed. Though I don't require that you believe me on this.

Please understand that I turn you down without any animosity whatsoever. I wish you the greatest of success with your magazine.


Michael Swanwick

Only in the genre fields, and in Science Fiction particularly, would we have this gentle and friendly a turndown. Michael is great, as are the other pros we wrote to. Maybe someday we'll have money...

—The Editorial Triumvirate

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