Bewildering Stories

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Illusions of you

by Thomas R.

They all chanted for the progressing
All chanted for the new start
A chanting for the new worlds
All of course except you

You had your mountain
The turtles
The kids to read to at the library
But I did not

So I went
Leaving Nepal and you
For grander things
That home could not give

Yet years have passed
And no grand things came
Instead I just sit
In a lonely cell of this horrid ship

Sometimes though I see a moon with a turtle crater
Or climb the mountains of a barren world
Or just a read one of your silly poems
And I feel you with me

Yes I know you died centuries ago
Old age in a home in Katmandu
Yet sometimes I can still find comfort
In these illusions of you


Copyright © 2002 by Thomas R.