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Letters to the Triumvirate

We Start with a missive from John Thiel

As I was scrolling down on Mr. Swanwick's letter and wondering who it was from, it occurred to me that it would be pretty amusing to the LocCol reader if it turned out to be signed "Spud."

I got the titles transposed in my mind on Jones and West's verse, which put me out of the mood I had been in for commenting on them, except to remark that Jones' is more understandable as sf verse if it refers to Van Vogt's Mule.

Something rare in a book review column, if I see Zahn's ANGELMASS on the stands, I will buy it. (Or, for that matter, if the SFBC puts it up.)

Only in Shakespeare does a triumverate emerge unsuccessful; keep up the good work.

Thomas R.'s work was very interesting and is one of those stories where the reader wants to see a longer piece, almost the groundwork for a novel here. It should be a salable book too, except that the conceptions are a bit out of the contemporary fantasy fancy.

Mr. Crist certainly presents us with some brutish mindgames. I entered into the reading of it with the thought of seeing something more cerebral, some modish "games people play;" but it was an interesting and thought-provoking story anyway.

John Thiel

Thank you, John. As usual, we appreciate your comments, and thanks for the response to Angelmass. I just gave it to my son and said, "Read This!"

And now from our Can we sucker in a Pro? Section, we have this fine letter from Catherine Asaro

Hello. Thank you for your inquiry in my story. I much appreciate knowing it caught your interest.

I prefer to sell electronic rights to the story to a market that pays royalties, so at this time I think I would prefer not to have it up elsewhere on the net. But I do appreciate your interest, and thank you for asking.

Good luck with the site! :-)

Best regards
Catherine Asaro

Thanks for the kind, gentle, gracious, negative...

On to a letter from one of our new authors in re: a comment I made about his submission:

Title: "Kill a Tree for Christ." I dare to use my real name (without e-ddress) as a byline.

Jerry remarked: "It would also be bewildering to publish your screeds in October. :)"

Well, what I had in mind was a possible need for lead-time; but Good Point! We must do all we can to put people in the proper frame of mind for the Christmas shopping season; which currently begins, I believe, the day after Halloween.

Thanks, Alex Boomer

The Editorial Triumvirate


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