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Eric S. Brown


Eric S. Brown grew up in Nowhere, NC and is 27 years old, dreading turning 28 this coming Jan. He LOVES David Drake and considers Drake to be the best Sci-Fi military writer ever and hopes people can see how reading Drake has affected his work. He is married to a wonderful woman named Shanna Hall who is a dedicated Special Education teacher in Haywood county and is very supportive. They have no children with no plans for any in the near future and are content with whacko cat Howard named for Howard Phillips Lovecraft (another of Eric's heroes).

Eirc has been an editor for the award winning Alternate Realites webzine, The Haunted, The Swamp, and a copy editor for the Smoky Mountain News. Presenly he edits his own literary journal called Night Shopping which you can check out at with his good friends and fellow writers Jason Brannon and Gail Davis. He works two days a week doing the layout for a LARGE 30,000 copy a week paper called the Iwanna and spends the rest of his time writing.

To date he has had 83 tales accepted for publication on-line with 22 in print as well as the chapbooks Dark Karma (already sold out) and Bad Mojo (coming from Undaunted Press next year). Eric has also sold or had accepted 22 reviews and articles. He plans to keep writing until they nail his coffin shut.

Upcoming print appearances include tales in THE EDGE # 16, Black Petals again sometime next year, three more tales in Dark Angel Rising starting in Feb., a tale in Aoife's Kiss and the Jan. issue of Between the Kisses as well as a tale on the label of Story House coffee, the OF Flesh and Hunger anthology, and in Blood Moon Rising. Upcoming e-tales include one now at Eternal Night, Deep Magic, Scifantastic, the Art of Horror, the Dec. issue of the Murder Hole along with still more reviews at The Haunted.

When not writing he enjoys the music of Goblin (an Italian horror band), The Cure, RUSH (one of his favorites), Queen, Duran Duran, The Dixie Chicks, U2, Creedance, and Wagner.

His fav films are Dawn of the Dead, Ghostbusters, Suspiria, Deep Red, Spiderman (aside from the Dunst chick), and anything and everything Star Trek. He longs of a big budget Fantastic Four to be made and prays to see Doctor Doom on the silver screen.

Copyright © 2002 by Eric S. Brown