Bewildering Stories

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Tempus Fugate

Thomas R.

Smiling across a mountain's view
She gave him much surprise
With those eyes of clearest blue
And skin that was likewise

He smiled back but preceded to work
His true mission not yet spoiled
Though he feared the rules he might shirk
So back to his studies he toiled

Yet she came most every day
Curious of this stranger
From so far away
Not knowing that this meant danger

Still for a time he kept her back
And thus preserved his sacred rules
That preserved them from what they lack
Protecting them from dangerous tools

Yet it was not to last
As he grew to love
The mountains of that past
And her his precious dove

Still he could not stay
We brought him to face his judgement
Imprisonment until the millionth day
And he never did repent

So if you find yourself in nineteenth century Kentucky
The place he did indeed land
Do not tell himself why he is not so lucky
For that he will never understand

A note from the Author...

This is roughly about a real condition called methemeglobinemia which occurred among inbred people in Kentucky. My spelling of the condition maybe off a bit. I also took a bit of poetic license. Mostly playing down the inbred part and exaggerating elements of the condition. However the name of the Kentucky family was Fugate.

Copyright © 2002 by Thomas R.