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Letters to the Triumvirate

Heeeeeeres Johnny...

Have not been with BS for a couple of issues because I had work elsewhere, but now I've read the missed issues. Outstanding in them is the poem "Hope" by Jonathan Isenor. Clearly, in his own personal way, this man has beaten back the death impulse.

Brown's "Dark Dealings" was also outstanding, and represents a very aggressive intervention in time.

Thomas' review of Stapledon's book puts me in mind of a couple of other volumes from golden ages that were cosmic in scope and spanned as much of space and time as could be wished, ER Burroughs' BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR and A.E. Van Vogt's TWO HUNDRED MILLION A.D. If any would follow this cosmic viewpoint, those are two highly recommendable volumes.

I see Jerry fighting a machine in an editorial; careful, in computer terms that's characterizable as hacking.

Speaking of computer terms, how good are your computers? It says "Over 2714 bewildered!" Does that count returns to the site, or are those individual computer sightings?

Is Holly Schmidt related to Stanley? I still wish we could hear the music originally provided.

I see the whole of "Green Galaxy" is now in the appropriate issue. I know one person that read that story, that's Jerry.


John Thiel

Thank you for your epistle... Glad you enjoyed the various submissions. As to us: The Webcounter counts visits to the main page. It has a simpleminded little tool that notes what IP address the last hit came from, and won't increment until it sees a new number.
For something a bit more detailed go to for detailed usage stats.

Holly and Stanley... NO, I don't even think you could count them as friends. And you just need to download a midi plug-in for your browser.

Well, until next time...

The Editorial Triumvirate


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