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Strong Enough

by Jonathan Isenor

Too many spend a lot of time trying to reach the so called “top” of what they,

What they don’t realize is once you reach the top there’s nowhere to go but down,

A lot of People have dreams and yet they wouldn’t chase them,

These people wonder what if for the rest of their lives,

Now a days best friends don’t last,

The sad part is a lot of good friendships go down the rain because of popularity,

This thing we call a world is a sad excuse for one,

Smut covers television now,

Our world revolves around one word “sex,”

Too many parents realize too late in life they never showed that they loved their child enough,

At least some parent’s realize this and try to make up for it,

There are a lot of couples in the world that look happy,

The sad part is most of them are not as happy as they claim to be,

Depression plagues the teenage generation,

The sad part is this only happens to the good ones,

Love is the greatest power in the world; I know I found it in many forms,

A day in our life is tough to live with all the pressures surrounding ones self,

In order to have a successful life you must be strong.


Copyright © 2002 by Jonathan Isenor