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Bewildering Reprints

by Jerry Wright

Okay.. So following in the "hallowed" footsteps of the temporarily departed Invincible Spud, I've decided to do a reprint, and not just a reprint, but... Split it into three issues. Gasp...

Our Esteemed Founder suggested that if The Girl In The Golden Atom were easily accessible on the web, we shouldn't do it. Accessible, yes, but with a bit of difficulty. Thank goodness, however, that items published befor 1922 are in the public domain. I could go into a big rant about how the "Powers That Be" at Disney and other conglomerates have helped the prostituted Congress defy the intent of the framers of the Constitution, but, hey, no-one with any clout seems to care...

And... thanks to what now seems to be an OBVIOUS suggestion by Mr. T.R., the name of this Issue has changed from Decusall (which may show up later) to BlackAsJack (cause I can't just call it, like, BlackJack, y'know...).

The Bottle Washer


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