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Letters to the Triumvirate -- BlackAsJack 2002

From John Thiel:

It's a very readable issue this time; in terms of that quality I think it's the best issue you've published. The Hike was painless and a page-turner, if it had pages.

Good follow-up poem by the man who beat back the death-impulse; here he affirms a clear outlook on life, studies the world around him. You have a poet there.

I hope Stanley Schmidt is around and is enjoying the title "FimbulFingers" for the issue. Those are easy dates to refer back to.

John Thiel

Glad you enjoyed the issue, John. We do get good stories. And silly stories. And just... Well, you know... And we thank you for your contribution this issue, as well.

And a comment that came with Thomas R.s submission:

I wasn't going to send you a poem as you now have a regular poet. However my other ideas did not pan out. Enjoy, it's a bit inspired by the Tom & Jerry cartoon "Snowbody loves me". (You don't have to put these notes with the poem, but the Chesterton quote is part of it) I hope it isn't too much like children's lit.

Thomas R.

Thomas, we'll happily take anything you send us. Your poem was cute and thoughtful. And the best children's lit is the best lit period! (although I don't believe that children should be lit, or even mildly intoxicated...)

The Editorial Triumvirate


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