Bewildering Stories

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by Jonathan Isenor

Everyone has a dream,
Some people chase it,
Some don't,
Some people wake up every morning with their dream in mind,
They see themselves accomplishing their dream,
The other's sit by and wonder what if,

Some people go after their dream and fail,
They just needed to try a little harder,
The ones who want it,
Are always there reaching up trying to grab a hold of their dream,
Those are the people who deserve it the most,

Those people are always ready to excel at what they do,
They are dedicated and love what they do,
They live for the moment that they are told they are good or appreciated,
Some people are told to their face that they can't do it,
They are told that they can not accomplish their dream,

These are the people who months later accomplish their dream,
They rise up through bad circumstances and accomplish the impossible.

Copyright © 2002 by Jonathan Isenor