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Letters to the Triumvirate -- FimbulFalling Pt2 2002

From John Thiel:

NASA is who says, "We just got another one up." But you can say it too; you're really coming out right on schedule, likely turning the trick on anyone who thought you wouldn't be able to come through on a weekly basis. And it's another good issue.

Glad Jonathan likes good response to his poetry, and he's got another telling product in this issue.

I finally got to hear Ms. Schmidt's music---it's a little like listening to Johann Strauss, "Tales from the Vienna Woods" is suggested. I downloaded something from Quicknet. It's very inaccessable music compared to music you can just click on using your mouse. But if readers can't get to it by any access I say here for the record that it's a very sprightly piece.

I didn't know Disney had tinkered any with GITGA. It would have made a fine motion picture, especially considering what he could have done with it in full color, but I don't suppose he ever made the picture, eh?

John Thiel

As long as we have the submissions, we'll do the publication. Jonathan, ah well Jonathan...

I'll look into why the music is "not accessible", but anyone with a midi plugin for their browser should be able to hear it.

As to Disney, I dunno what the "old man" would have thought of the rapacious characters who run his company today. However, my comments didn't mean that Disney had anything to do with the Cummings Novel, just that thanks to the Walt Disney Company and others of their ilk, not to mention the reprehensible Sonny Bono (nil nisi bonum) the public domain hasn't moved forward in time as it should, so we have to look to stories published prior to 1922 to find things in the public domain.

And from Thomas R.:

Neat new issue. Very classic feel at times. Seeing a story from the age before Gernsback was especially neat. Such a different way of speaking and looking at the world then. Gosh, can't wait for the rest:) Also the Atlantis story was kind of different. While John always managed to be intriguing.

On incidentals pretty surprising to see the name change. And I must admit I've gotten a bit addicted to checking the analysis. Well that's all. Zai Jian!

Thomas R.

Too true. A story from 1919 has quite a different feel from stuff written today. Still as a story it holds together well. As for the name change, hey, I like yours, and we have flexibility!

The Editorial Triumvirate


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