Bewildering Stories

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Gavin Salisbury

Gavin Salisbury has published over 50 poems in various magazines over the last few years, with recent acceptances by Dark Animus and Dark Illuminati, among others. A speculative poetry chapbook, Gravity's End, was published by Steve Sneyd's Hilltop Press in 1997; another booklet is due from Flarestack Publishing next year. An issue of Opossum Holler Tarot was dedicated to his work in 2000.

Short fiction has appeared in The Dream Zone and Rubberneck, with a recent acceptance by the webzine SciFantastic.

Two unpublished novels which refuse to sit in any genre sometimes escape to terrorize an editor, but they are usually put in their place by a quick slap across the Chapter Ones. “The Rules” is his first drama piece, and was born with the promise of a whole sequence of similar absurdities to follow, which have, needless to say, never been written.

Copyright © 2002 by Gavin Salisbury