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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Enditall 2002

Fom our frequent Correspondent, Mr. John Thiel, publisher of the popular print-only fanzine Pablo Lennis:

It is good to see Kali Ferngrove back with another piece of fiction, and a very ambient and elusive one it is, declaring that things aren't as they seem, but do indeed exist. Good reading! And Spud, too, returns from his sabathical again, much to everyone's pleasure.

Thomas has a good idea buried unspoken in his story, that is, that Santa won't bring a thing to people who have been so bad as to have a war and threaten a world with nuclear holocaust.

"The Rules" reads like "Waiting for Godot."

I wonder if there is a literary society where poet Gravelle comes from? It would seem to be somewhere in the Carolinas, judging from a reference in his poem.

All the best in the season,
Your regular reader, etc. etc.

John Thiel

Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

The Editorial Triumvirate


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