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by Jerry Wright

Well Bewildering Stories is going through some growing pains, and we moved to a new, bigger faster server, and we're looking at redesigning the site. Any suggestions will certainly be considered.

As Spud said last year this site was his re-designed website design, and although it is certainly bewildering enough, we've had some complaints by some who are put off by the green on black, and the constant preponderance of black. One fella said that when a site with a black background comes up, it's generally a porno site. Arrrrgh. Ack. We don't need that!

We'll still have our ambiance, and our feeling of confusion, but it should be easier on the eyes and perhaps, easier to navigate, although it's pretty easy now. Ah well. And a cover... And illustrations... Well, we'll see.

Jerry -- The Bottle Washer


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