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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Janwhowherey 2003

From our frequent Correspondent, Mr. John Thiel, publisher of the popular print-only fanzine Pablo Lennis:

It's a shame when an issue lacks a letter column, so I'm sending a letter to make sure it will not be lacking next issue. (To anyone who reads my comment, I add, to the reader the issue I'm discussing is now THIS issue.) What's wrong with the readers, aren't they communicative? Chances are they are, but are not communicating with BS.

Br, that's a lot of horror in your short stories. I had other people here read it and the neighborhood is now frozen with terror and no one will speak to anyone else. I hope there is respite to offer them in the future.

The Cyrano piece is an excellent and high quality serial offering which I enjoyed reading, and I will look forward to further episodes of it. This reader thanks you for presenting the piece.

What music, Eric S.?

I know it doesn't mean Holly's. Eric's click on "Turn Music On" showed no results.

Endless Space Trip good among the poems, very nihilistic look at existence. But you've got it made with this one reader presenting Cyrano's adventure.

John Thiel

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. Spud said he "fixed" the music. Yer right, it don't work. I'll have to look at the code and figger out what he's done.
And from Thomas R.

Congratulations on your recent successes. I remember when you were little more than a purple page and a dream, well sort of. Now you are on polls, and translating works of importance to SF history. Awesome! The last issue may be one of the best ever with wide ranging stories dealing with everything from squirrels to ancient aliens. Though themes of death remain popular even that has a good variety, including almost humorous send ups of the "talk to the dead" craze. While the poems, articles, etc. are also great. Great job in general, keep it up!

Thomas R.

Scary indeed, which is why we had to change the opening page. We started as a joke... And that is funny indeed!

The Editorial Triumvirate


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