Bewildering Stories

Your Basic Molecular Assembler

by Garry Garrett

It came packed in a box that it made.
Its label warned:
Don't ask it,
what to make first
if your query is
A Chicken or an Egg.


by Garry Garrett

Molecular Assembler Owners Manual: The QuantaSoft, Model 2C99

Your new molecular assembler brings to your kitchen the latest innovations in food design and assembly. Some familiarity with assemblers is recommended. If you have no previous experience with assembly please read the sections entitled, "A Short History of Molecular Assembly" and "An Introduction to Food Assembly." If you are a new owner please attempt the trial recipes before moving on to section II. Remember to plan your meals ahead of time.

Additional items required:

Food grade carbon

Section I


Proposed more than one hundred years ago, by Stanford University researcher K. E. Drexler, the first single function molecular assembler was realized by MSQC scientists in 2095. A worldwide shortage of potable water dramatically accelerated its development. This first assembler was limited to water generation from renewable hydrogen resources and air. Quickly whole house units, utilizing bio-mass, were developed to meet daily water needs. Building on these technological advances scientists turned their attention to the growing need for alternate food supplies. Prolonged drought conditions, superweed pollution and the lack of ample pure water had reduced arable acreage by 75 percent over a 25-year period. During these 25 years assemblers were designed and perfected to achieve today's multi-functional capabilities.


Your QuantaSoft 2C99 provides the ultimate in convenience. This new line of assemblers is the first to require only Carbon. Unlike earlier units, which required exchangeable cylinders of hydrogen and nitrogen gas, this unit utilizes assemblers capable of collecting gases directly from the air for use in food assembly.

Unit Function and "The Egg"

Please remove, from your kit, the assembler package and the enclosed quartz assembly vessel. Set aside chicken package, well do the egg first. Empty contents of assembler package into the assembly vessel. Add 1/4 cup of food grade carbon and 1/4 cup of water (From your WaterSoft assembler) per egg. Place bowl in holder within the QuantaSoft 2C99. Browse or search for "egg" on the monitor. This will bring up the egg program. Choose from the following options: with shell, without shell, cooked, uncooked, hard-boiled scrambled, over light, over medium, over easy, yolk hard, and yolk soft. Choose all that apply. Key in the number of eggs you wish to prepare. Press the start button.

The display will blank out. Within seconds the three dimensional molecular coordinates for the chosen egg style will be displayed. The progress of the egg assembly will be indicated graphically, as the three dimensional egg holo fills in. An additional percent complete count is indicated on the display. Please allow approximately two hours for egg(s), depending on style. The QuantaSoft 2C99 is designed with twelve chambers for the preparation of up to a dozen eggs, or various other foods, simultaneously. This feature allows for preparation of all the foods you might require for several days. Food items may be left or stored within the unit for a reasonable time period (consult Appendix III: Guidelines for Food Storage.) by utilizing the refrigerant or preservative (see Health warnings, Appendix IV) functions.

How the device works:

A quartz cover inside the unit is lowered onto the assembly vessel forming a gas-tight seal. Several probes and one large bore tube extend below the surface of the liquid. Vigorous bubbling from the large bore tube saturates the solution with nitrogen needed for protein assembly. The assemblers act by responding to optically captured quantum signals, hich correspond to the three-dimensional coordinates. The additional probes provide essential metals, elements, and analytical functions.

The black probe is the Mass spectrometer chip, the yellow probe is the MRI chip, the red probe is the combustion analysis chip, and the green probe is the GPC chip. You will not be required to understand the functions of these probes as the QS 2C99 will manage these capabilities independently.

Section II


Beef: May require up to eight (8) hours assembly time. Please remember to plan ahead!

There are many beef options available and customization (Appendix I) is available for this item. From the beef menu choose from hamburger, chuck roast, sirloin steak, flank steak, brisket, etc. The unit will function as previously described, however, additional cycles of nitrogen purging will be observed due to the high protein content of beef. Another important option is the regulation of fat content. Simply indicate your desired percent fat content. Consult appendix II for information concerning healthy levels of fat in your diet. Add 1/2 cup carbon and 1/2 cup water per 4 ounce portion of beef selection.

Appendix I: Customization

Basic varieties for all food groups can be enjoyed with the standard QS 2C99 features. For those who required more variety an Advanced Customization module is available which will allow you to combine your favorite food mixtures into casseroles, dips, salads, add marblization to meats, and flavorings to poultry and fish. For more information or to order please request the Advanced Customization Cookbook at the boot up screen.

Appendix II: Fat content

The USDA recommends less than 30% of calories from fat as a rule of thumb. Your QuantaSoft 2C99 has been programmed to inform you of fat content prior to initiation of food assembly.

The basic formula: 9 calories/gram of fat. To stay within USDA guidelines you will need to maintain approximately three grams of fat per 100 calories. This equates to 27 calories from fat or 27% per 100 calories. Example: A 330 calorie steak (4 oz. Portion) would be allowed 11 g of fat. 11 grams is equally to 99 calories which divided by 330 equals 0.30 or 30%.

The QS 2C99 provides the following VERY valuable feature. When used with the advanced customization option: marblization; a terrific tasting steak can easily be prepared with much less fat content than your traditional steak. This is accomplished as the fat content can be distributed evenly throughout the meat. With experimentation you will be able to choose a lower, healthier fat content to satisfy your taste.

Additional Food Modules

The Prime Module: For prime cuts of beef the Prime Module is available for purchase, separately. Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Ribeye, T-bone, Sirloin, Chuck, etc can be prepared. With this module many customization options are available. Steaks can be marbled to taste. Again, by following a simple chart (appendix II) fat content can be tailored to individual diets. Bones can be added as desired. Allow a full eight (8) hours for bone-in selections. Additional customization options include, a variety of marinades, gravies, and seasonings.

The Gourmet Module: Highly recommended for the finest in dining experience. Recipes have been collected from five-star establishments around the world. Preparing award winning international dishes is as easy as a push of the button. Your favorite dishes from France, Mexico, Greece, and almost any other country are at your fingertips. Make every meal an international experience. This is, quite simply, the Module you cannot live without.

Some of the New 2C99 Series Assemblers available from MSQC: Please request a catalog of all Assemblers available from MSQC at the boot-up screen or online at MSQC.COM.

The MediSoft 2C99: The MediSoft 2C99 provides all primary care medical analyses and the assembly of prescription medication all within the comfort of your home. The unit is securely linked to your online physician. Warning!: This unit has been programmed to block all illegal uses except those authorized by your online physician.

The WaterSoft 2C99: Now more affordable that ever. It's portable too! Take one everywhere you go. Generates five gallons of water per hour.

The WaterTemp 2C99: Same as the WaterSoft, except it's enhanced with water cooling and heating capabilities. Instant hot or cold water for the home or the road!

The FuelSoft 2C99: Fill-up at home. All varieties of fuels including octane, fullerane, propane, etc., can be prepared and stored.

Additional probes and accessories available from MSQC (all probes packed in triplicate)

Safety Assured, Pressurized gas storage system: Specially designed for use with the FuelSoft 2C99.

Safety Assured, Liquid fuel storage system: Specially designed for use with the FuelSoft 2C99.

Be sure to use MSQC probes for optimal performance. MSQC probes are "the original" assembler probe.

K. Eric Drexler, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, Anchor Books, 1986 Return

Copyright © 2003 by Gary Garrett