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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Januwhimsy 2003

A note from BWS regular and now columnist Eric S. Brown:

First off, I would like to thank you for your extremely kind editorial in issue # 27 and of course for running my two tales. Sadly, I am running out of stories that I still have the rights to as many are tied up in my two collections and my chapbook from Undaunted this April. As thus, I have very little left that fits your guidelines (IE: not too vulgar or explicit).

I DO however have what may be my last Bewildering Tale to submit and if you take it, it will be my 15th or 16th fiction appearance in your zine. It is attached and was first published last year at Dream Forge webzine which still has it archived though I hold all the rights. Thanks.

Eric S. Brown

And it was published last issue... The letter is a bit late, because there was some business stuff not germane. And now we have that FINE Round Table!
From John Thiel:

Greetings to the Triumvirate!

I think a few more words should be said about how much WORK you must be putting into that publication, keeping BS coming out on a weekly schedule. I was reading Don's comment last night about how he had to put BS to bed, and finding it here first thing this morning makes me wonder how he manages it. Of course the stories come in processed but even so it must take a sizable chunk out of a day to get them set to the screen.

Of the latest issue, I like the passionate sincerity in the writing tone of Thomas R.'s story. "Icy Roads" is more like a dream than a work of realism. Good "concept" story per Laden.

I received a verse by ground mail for my fanzine the style and technique of which resembled Kali Ferngrove's writing. Polycarp's story seems to have a similar attitude. Perhaps the Ferngrove innovations are being influential.

Tom Smith does a reversal when he holds people who haven't seen COWBOYS in contempt. People who have seen that movie might have an onus.

Here's a score---a rectangle with a red x in it labelled "Bewildering Stories" above Garrett's story. Did you try to post a diagram? I'd say GP's thread "Bad Science in Analog" could be reinvoked by the article, perhaps recalling GP to his earlier interests.

Again thanks for the rare Cyrano item, otherwise unobtainable. Purdue University's special collections might have it, but it's been awhile since I crossed the blockade on their doorways and I wouldn't want to do it to check out a possible book that someone else might have set aside for study if it's there.

        John Thiel,

P.S. Spud may have fixed the music attachment, but "fixed" is not used in the same sense as he might be using the term by a user wanting to hear the music.

Thomas, in what polls is BS being mentioned? Answers to John

And finally a letter from Read Assist:

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Thank you.

Pam Poggiani Web Designer

Done and done! Happy to assist such a fine group!


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