Bewildering Stories

Shall I Compare Thee to an Asteroid?

I. Spud

Shall I compare thee to an asteroid?
Thine essence hath a strange and eerie worth.
Thou art more barren, desolate, and void
Than all the solar wind that touches Earth.

Thine axis is quite tilted—three degrees!
Thy surface temperature is slightly hot;
That is the reason why thou hast no seas
And drops of surface water thou hast not.

When falling, thy sulfuric rain is brief,
For into vapour it doth quickly fade.
The clouds that hide thee are beyond belief.
Thine odd rotation is so retrograde!

So long as thy destructive fire can rage,
So long art thou the terror of this age.

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Copyright 2002 by I. Spud and Bewildering Stories.