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This magazine has definitely gotten to the point where you can't get through too many works without wondering if most of them were written by the same person. That may be true, though I refuse to comment on this.

Our format has proved attractive (based on the comments of some of our readers), and we'd like to expand beyond publishing stuff by imaginary people. However, right now we need the input of our friends beyond the realm of reality in order to make this whole bewildering thing work. Hopefully, in the next few issues, we won't need their help anymore. But we will need yours.

So, readers, help us out. We've updated our submissions guidelines with this new issue, so they're not (we hope) as confusing as before. Please send us submissions. Anything. We'll take anything (almost). If you're not sure, send it anyway. We'll publish all those stories, poems, plays, and essays you wrote back in high school, middle school, elementary school, or kindergarten, if you still have them. Search your hard drives, folks. There's plenty of valuable stuff buried in there. (Don't send us stuff you didn't write, though.) We want to get that stuff out. We want it published. We will (in most cases) publish it. Just give it to us. We'll take care of it. If you're ashamed of it, send it in under a pseudonym! No one will know (except us)! Do it! For the sake of whatever you hold highly! Please!

Over and out. See you next issue.

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