Bewildering Stories

The Flight of the Observer

Thomas R.

She awakens
All memory lost
Only her mission remains
To Learn of how far humanity's divergence has gone
Who cares now?
Who will ever hear?
Still she does her duty
Daunting though it is
For relativity dislocates
"Humanity" is a million species now
Plus two
Getting stranger as the light years fly
Early ones laughed at her as monkey
Throwing food at her in a cage
Escaping only to find worlds odder still
And minds beyond her ken
That play with her like a toy
Until she despairs of ever finding peace
Then pity makes them send her to a world
Almost empty save for squirrels
Their minds not more developed than hers
And other minds exist their too
Observers lost like her
Happy at last she lives their still
Or so she did when last checked.

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Copyright 2002 by Thomas R. and Bewildering Stories.