Bewildering Stories


M.J. Hewitt

Judah feeds within the dark pit of death, spirits flee from their ruptured twisted and torn bodies they flutter like beautiful exotic luminous birds out and up toward glowering skies, terrified spirits they dare not stare into the bloody red eyes of Judah the soul smasher.

The beast now is full of joy as he thrashes around in his stinking pit of the dead for at last he can feed on fresh human meat and add spirit after spirit to his fine growing gallery collection.

After much bloody sustenance Judah sleeps, and he dreams of dragging kicking and screaming spirits toward row after row of gleaming icy crucifixes, onto which he impales each spirit riving in agony.

After this laborious but enjoyable task Judah sits and stares weeping with joy at the site of row upon row of spirits on crucifixes silhouetted against opaque coloured skies that linger deep within Judah’s mind, and through sobs Judah sings, he sings hallowed praise and thanks to the sky god, and to the god of fire for the fresh spirits he has had the ultimate joy of receiving from them.

Fire!!! fire within the pit and Judah is burning, bubbling within the flames, but he loves the pain he relaxes and lets himself be engulfed within the inferno that rages in the pit.

For there will never be victory over Judah, there will never be the blackbird of death to carry Judah’s spirit away for Judah is already dead, he is the ravenous merciless leader of the living dead, and once again already he is hungry for human flesh, so beware, beware of Judah, for tonight he may be stalking you.

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