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Aujulygust 2002

And once again (for the third time), here's what our readers have to say about Bewildering Stories and its bewildering content!

Whoa, dude! Who took my sandwich?

—Bob Ekosv

I'm sorry, but I don't know where your sandwich is.

—The Invincible Spud

Say, you're running a fine magazine! It looks like it may be among the best on the Internet. Your contents page is lively and entertaining, and I intend to be reading the contents. I think you've achieved a colorful and attractive presentation, too. All in all, it's much better than I expect of an Internet magazine.

I'll be keeping up with its progress.

John Thiel


—The Invincible Spud

Say, that's a first-class magazine you're running. I'd say it's likely to be one of the best on the internet. It has an interesting contents page and its general appearance is colorful and attractive. I'll be among its readers.

It's much better than I'd expect of an internet magazine.

John Thiel

And thanks again.

—The Invincible Spud

hi i just found out about this site and i think its realy cool i just finished reeding kally fungovs novil and i think its realy cool to i think its the best storie ive red this yeer i want more can you publish more stories like that thanks

—brittny p

Dang! That's one big fat novel you've got there. I just started, and I'm about four thousand words or so into it, and I just can't stop! Maybe that's because I refuse to allow myself to stop reading in the middle of a sentence, but this story just sucks me in! Ferngrove's prose is fantastic! Man, can that woman write!


The author replies...

The expanse in the astronomer continued by the spaceship, and the smart watermelon agreed around the alien, so the comet became giant, and the warmth was the computer to the spaceship, and the red human on the spaceship died with the animal, but the alien from the water contacted the human of the spaceship, so the physicist in the animal became white beside the disappearance, yet the green planet smiled in the alien, and the plant tranquilized the insect; therefore, the happiness at the biologist became the computer, and the planet continued on the human, so the wall on the computer recycled the corridor of the alien.

—Kali Ferngrove

I just read Gehenna Inferno's Essence, and IMHO it's a very good example of estilstentiliasm. I liked how she put most of it underneath and only 10% on top, like an iceberg.


Hey! The poetry's kinda good, I think. Good job on this web site, and you publish some good stuff...and then some not so good stuff, but eh, who cares? If there's good stuff, who cares about the bad stuff? I especially liked Alkaline Spudwort's reviews of last year's Hugo winners. I hope he/she writes more stuff.


The author replies...

Um, thanks. I'm planning to review this year's Nebula winners sometime as well. They'll be up as soon as I finish them (subject to the Editorial Triumvirate's approval, of course). I'm glad you liked my reviews of the 2001 Hugo winners.

—Alkie Spudwort

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