Bewildering Stories


M.J. Hewitt

My spirit,

Exhausted and tired of searing pain

Begins to tense within its withered human shell, my beautiful spirit prepares for the short but emotional trip from life to the heavenly light, where my father and my mother surely await me with open arms.

At last, at last I can feel myself slowly being pealed from my withered dying body, my eyes are closed forever against the light of life and fear begins to bubble away within me laced with joy full thoughts of an imminent family reunion.

I have breathed my last, I will feel no more of the mental anguish that is caused by life, and now I will head for the blinding light that lies before me at the end of what appears to be a short dark tunnel. My spirit is shivering with joy, for what I was taught and told all through my life is evidently and miraculously true, for there is a tunnel as death closes in, and there is a light at the end of it, and behold, behold, for their floating before me entwined together are the glowing apparitions of my deceased mother, oh my mother I have missed you so, and my father who I have missed painfully for ten whole years you have never left my thoughts, and now here you are just waiting patiently for me, eagerly I drift towards their glowing presences ,but wait, this is not right,this can not be true ,for my father seams to be filled with an infernal rage and quickly he begins to gouge and dig at my presence with what looks and feels like a sharp gleaming dagger of ice, he tares through my spirit from top to bottom with one swift blow,and without effort he lifts my ragged spirit high,”a sacrifice” he cries,” a sacrifice for my god,my son has come back to me as if a sacrificial lamb, and he now is yours oh lord, yours,”and an enormous relentless wave of grief begins to drown me,and finally all I hear is the loud hysterical evil laughter of my mother, over ,and over as I am drowned relentlessly within a tsunami of grief, and buried beneath an eternal thundering,crushing mountain of pain.

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