Bewildering Stories

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In the Circle Time

by Thomas R.

On a backward world her birth
No hope for her it seemed
Even so she dreamed of Earth

Ships, dreams, deaths, and schemes

As she rose through their halls of power
Founded on greed and control
Everything she loved soon would sour
Then she left the Earth a desolate hole

In flight, never right, despised, her ship capsized

Memories haunt her there
Empty world leaving her little else to think
Filling up with remorse and despair
Often her days spent in drink
Reality for those who still care

A girl returns to a backward place
Many decades later
All have now forgotten her face
No one is left to hate her
Death of body then not from chase
And not before a plan did stir
For her mind still could race
Ideas on using time as redeemer
Readying to make her mind leave without a trace

Second chance on this backward sphere
This twice-born babe hopes never again to be the object of fear

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.