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The Earnesticity of being Important

by Jerry Wright

This is for Elizabeth. Wha? Yes, one of our friends and English Majors at the Asimov forum said in passing she reads the Editorials. She. reads. This. Ouch. I spent some money on Bewildering Stories last week. I don't normally. I did spend a few bucks on registering the name, and as I cheat, because I'm in charge of the web-hosting computers, I don't charge me for hosting Bewildering Stories. But, enough of that...

I spent $30.00 on a bit of advertising. I sponsored, a Japanese anime sort of thingy written and drawn by an Architect named Fred back east. I thoroughly enjoy Megatokyo, and was happy to help Fred out in what is now his full-time job, but I was curious too, what sort of response would we get with a little two-line blurb and link?

Answer: The two days we sponsored Megatokyo we went from 80-100 visits per day to 500 visits on Friday and 300 visits on Saturday (the two sponsored days). And now instead of that 80 to 100 visitors we have 130 to 160 visitors. Regularly.

I hope you're happy.

Now... All we need are more writers. Poetry. SF. Fantasy. Essays. ( I think we have horror covered... We get more horror submissions than any other genre.) So WRITE SOMETHING!!! PLEASE! You too, Elizabeth!

Jerry -- The Bottle Washer


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