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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Febrouhaha 2003

From John Thiel:



My new internet sf magazine is in the process of being put up on the screen now and it seems in very good order. I'm wanting to establish a link both ways with BEWILDERING STORIES. I need permission from the Triumvirate to put a link to BS in my magazine. Also, I'd like to know if you'd be willing to list our magazine on your links page when it is finished?

Hope you'll be having a look at it shortly after it's completed. My brother is the design master, and he's got a very good layout thus far; and the material in it is all of a fine and timely quality.

Best Wishes,
        John Thiel,

So, JOhn is going into competition with us now, hunh? Bwa ha ha, cough choke snort. Anyway sure, John. We'll link to Surprising Stories once we have a URL.


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