Bewildering Stories

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Would you?

by Thomas R.

Would you like to travel to the stars?
Well then give up all your human rights to the firm of the D'elhujars,
For they control all in space don't you see?
Heck you'd be better off as a tree
While it sinks its roots into the soil of Mars.

Would you like to live under the sea
Where you lose your individual identity?
Surely you knew the mental collective ruled there?
So maybe you'd prefer to be a bear
With your belly full of fish and honey.

Would you like to live on one of the Moons?
Well the firm uses them to imprison those they call Loons
Is your life so bad as to live in an asylum of the insane?
Then maybe it'd be better to be a crane,
Wonderful bird sung about in joyous tunes.

Would you like to become an animal or plant?
We can do that, don't think we can't.
Don't you think you'll prefer to be in our zoo?
Then in this nightmare future you never knew,
Well, all you travellers from the past, just contact the Empire of the Ant.

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.