Bewildering Stories

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Many Faces

by Jason A.

You asked me why I hide
Behind a smile and a grin
It is because,
I don't want you to get in.
My life is just a game,
Of lost dreams and broken hearts
So I hide behind a thousand masks
So no one will want to take part.
Even though I know,
That it's the only way to be saved.
But for what I've done
This is the price I must pay.
Trapped behind eyes that are not really mine,
Some things I've seen, I wish I was blind
My life is nothing but shadows
Within so much pain.
I just want to run away,
And find shelter from the rain…
Another mask just built
This one stronger than the first.
Not to keep you out,
Just to protect you from the hurt
A tear hidden behind a smile,
And laughter covering my cry.
Hidden from the world,
But not from your eyes
A mask built to hide me
You slowly move away.
And I will be free again
Some-day, Some-day…

Copyright © 2003 by Jason A.