Bewildering Stories

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by Thomas R.

Forced by Vikings to this frozen land
The Irish monks did mourn
Yet here they would make a stand
And somehow a new people would be born.

Joined by escaped Irish slaves of Iceland
Aided further by a warming trend
They soon considered hope for a Green land
And the dream that their world was not at end

Still the winters stayed harsh and bleak
With the Vikings a further threat
So the chance of survival remained weak
But they would win out yet

For with the Inuit they would ally
And from them learn to bare the frost
Then Ireland itself would die
And they would accept all Irish who felt lost

More than a thousand years have passed
And this longest lived "Irish" nation remains
Although it's mostly Inuit
And was briefly ruled by Danes

Still they do keep the holiday
With Throat Singing, Pipes, and Green
For this unlikely people say
They know best what luck can mean

Copyright © 2003 by Thomas R.