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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Marchiavellia 2003

A missive from John Thiel

Jerry: Well, you should have SOME mail or you'll continue to laugh at us. I tell you, it gets me a bit up-tight to scroll to the letter column because of what your reaction will be if there aren't letters. I'm always ready to write one.

I'm of the opinion that the author of the story about the man underneath him did not take formal care with his prose because he regarded his story as art rather than as literature, Mr. Fox.

Glad to see S.F. Murphy doing some writing here, and he had a very off-trail look at racial situations to present, also, that had a ghostly effect justifying its being presented in BEWILDERING.

At least one of your poems showed a beatnik perspective; I think the beats have a kind of elementary interest in SF.

You keep those issues thumping; I never miss an issue of BS.

John Thiel

John, we try to keep a really light hand on the editing. Speeling, punchuaton!; and paragraphing are about all we do, unless asked. Also, when it comes to Book Reviews, unless it's a Barbara Cartland, we'll pretty much take it.

And now a very pleasant surprise...

Hi... I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your site! If you are so moved, I would love to have my link included on your site as well. (See my links section in the web address provided below.)

I've just launched a website for a new vampire huntress novel series that will be available in June 2003, entitled, "Minion," by L.A. Banks, and published by St. Martin's Press, Inc., NYC. Please visit my site at:

Hope you enjoy, and will consider reviewing this first book in a 4 book series. Good luck with all your endeavors!

Leslie Banks

Very professional site, very nice lady, I've requested a review copy, and we'll see what happens. Thanks so much!

Jerry, the Bottle Washer


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