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Letters to the Triumvirate -- Aprilioth 2003

And Thomas gets his licks in...

Issue 38 maybe one of the best issues yet. Great stories all around. I feel like making special mention of the one by David J. Bernstein as it may be overlooked by readers. Very intriguing, and one of my favorites from the issue.

Also I remember how surprised I was the first time I saw that Wikipedia article. I was just researching Asimov and there was BWS. I must admit my first thought is that if they're reprinting Spud they must not be very credible. (Just joking it was a good article) Neat to find it mentioned here at the site as it confirms I did not imagine it. Here's hoping more BWS articles find themselves so honored.

Well I got ta scoot, Zai Jian!

Thomas R.

So you knew already and didn't tell us? Hmmm... Yep, the quality is going up, because we're starting to reject on the basis of a minimum standard of "quality". Plus we're getting better stories. All of which certainly helps.

Jerry, the Bottle Washer


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