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Aghast 2002

Ack, more letters...

Dude! Found my sandwich, man. Tasty.

—Bob Ekosv

Glad you found it.

—The Invincible Spud

In reply to Sherry Gray's letter in our Jelluary 2002 issue...


1. Publish the lawn storie in a mainstream market. Maybe some quirky woman's magazine?

2. I might be interersted in your hottie neighbor. Just a little concerned if she's screwing all those he-man SWAT dudes. Is she only into the super-muscle set? I'm 5-8, good-looking (well my gf's and sisters say so...I'm not really into guys!), medium-physique. I only wear my uniform for reserve duty and weddings and formal dances.


The author replies...

Sorry, she's taller than you are and doesn't go for men under 6 ft. Sounds like you shouldn't have much trouble finding a date, though.

—Sherry Gray

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