Bewildering Stories

The Stars They Scream My Name

M.J. Hewitt

I stare as if hypnotised up at the ruddy sunset, as all the stars this night they scream my name, and the demons within my belly, hammer, and dig for there freedom until eventually with a swift wet rip of my parting flesh multitudes of these demons pour forth from a gaping flap of a wound, as they float within scarlet waves of my thick coppery smelling blood and out into the waiting world they gasp in unison as the chill of the evening air greets them as a swift sharp shock compared to the once warm cocoon of my now split open belly,but soon within moments they are strong and they begin to set about consuming me in great chunks of gore.

Later when nothing but my bare bones remain the demons they take flight into the pitch night skies and one by one as they pass over the salty crashing waves of the ocean far below, they scatter my bones hither and thither among the engulfing waves.

I watch them now from afar, and as a newborn spirit I sit on the slopes of a mountain that lies close by to the scene of my death, and I stare up towards the demons who look now like bats swooping up and down within the night.

My ungrateful spawn how dare they butcher their only mother?

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